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ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS? Doesn’t it seem unusual for candidates to spend $750,000 for a job that pays $36,000? A vote for one of the big spenders is a vote for more of the same. A vote for me is a vote against large contributions and current government practices.

I grew up in Mission Hills when there were no hotels on Mission Bay. I graduated from San Diego High when it still looked like a “Gary Castle.” While I earned a college degree from The Citadel, Mission Valley changed from cow pastures and riding trails to shopping centers and hotels. I support a charter amendment to stop all sales of City-owned land and limit the mayor’s office to two terms. I cannot change what has occurred, but I prize what we have lost. If you love San Diego, trust me to protect our City and open space.
Candidate statement for Mayor March 15th 1983. 

I wrote the above words almost 40 years ago for my Campaign for Mayor of San Diego. Today we have term limits on the Mayor and the job pays $100,000 a year.  I am the first candidate to file with the City Clerk his intention to run for the office.

In two years I will be on the ballot to try my third and final time to change San Diego. We have limited the Mayor to two terms, now we need to stop the sale of City-owned land and reform how we elect our City officials.

If you believe in good government, free of political favors, I’m Rich Riel. If you would like to help, call 858 277 2569, or email me at or
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